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  1. Cheryl Groenhoff
    Cheryl Groenhoff

    Baxter Healthcare
    Saint Johns, FL
    United States

  2. photo not available
    Mary R. Hashem

    Indianapolis, IN
    United States

  3. Mary Ann Salazar
    Mary Ann Salazar

    University Health System
    San Antonio, TX
    United States

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    Pertioneal Dialysis in the Hospital Setting

    If you have a PD patient admitted to the hospital who completes the PD treatments? Do you have an assigned team of nurses?...

  • George Macahia

    Is Dialysis Technician Handling Patients With Catheter, Administration of Medication and Writing Nursing Care Plan allowed?

    In our Dialysis Unit the Dialysis Technicians are now being allowed to handle patients with dialysis catheter and administer...

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    Become a Commissioned Corps Officer

    Applying to the Commissioned Corps The Commissioned Corps will open the application process...