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  • Posted in: Acute Care SPN

    Developing protocol/policy for running hemo patients with HBVpos status. We dedicate machine, etch, as we know chronic rules... However, I need resources for acute setting best practice. Everything I search is old and for chronic units. Any help...

  • Posted in: Hemodialysis SPN

    My personal rule of thumb is to cycle vitals q15 and document them q30 unless one of the in-between ones warrants documentation and/or intervention. In acutes it varies by pt. sometimes q5 or even less but in those cases I tend to document q15 unless...

  • Posted in: Home Therapies SPN

    I have used Titanium adapters for many years now. I used to have the same issue with the old one-piece titaniums, but since they switched to the 2-piece locking titaniums several years ago, I have not seen any catheter tears. I hope this is helpful....

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