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    In your HHD programs for your patients who receive EPO IV, when do you teach them to administer it? Before,during or after treatment? If given before or after, which needle, arterial or venous.? Are you aware of any literature stating one way is better ...

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    We use Citrate. Never had issues with clotting. I had a patient who went from weekly treatment to every 2 weeks and he started to have clumping in the circuit. All we did was increase his citrate and we have not had any issues. What machine do you ...

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    RE: RO water testing

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    Hello, The procedure can usually be found in the RO's Operator's Manual. Or, the Manufacturer should have a procedure that you can reformat. I have learned many things by reading the Operator's Manual, as boring as it sounds, but it is very helpful. Hope ...

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