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    I agree with everything Tonja said….  I would add that you shouldn't be sticking the anastomoses, so I wouldn't see that being a major deal for the needle size.  We generally follow a protocol for 17ga, then 16, then 15 stepping up every 2 weeks or so. ...

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    Hello Home Therapy SPN I wanted to make sure you heard the Great News. The deadline to nominate or apply for ANNA Awards and Scholarships have extended to November 1. ------------------------------ Angela D. Taylor-Smith, ASD,RN,BSN,CNN Chairperson ...

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    Hi Gladys, There are several factors to consider when changing the needle gauge size. Has the patient had any recent PVL (peripheral vascular lab) studies to determine the blood flow through the fistula? How mature is the fistula? What is the patient's ...

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